How to find your dream girl

The best way is to come meet me in Bangkok so I can help you avoid all the scams and cons.

However, for the brave guys who want to go out and do it alone…. Read on…

The first thing to do it is pick a big city (like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya) and go there for a few weeks. The downside about Phuket and Pattaya is that most of the girls you meet from there will be hookers (bar girls, go go or massage girls)

This is how I found my own wife… and the method is fast works very well.

Once there, you log into one of the websites like and contact all the girls you are interested in, in that city (ie. Bangkok) and tell them you are there in person, that you have come to look for a serious relationship and would like to meet them for a coffee. Ask for their phone number and get a cheap SIM card while out there, so they can call you, and set up meetings with them. In my experience, you have to physically meet at least 10 girls to find one that you really click with.

I set up meetings at a coffee shop in a big plaza and arranged about 6 appointments per day (one every hour) They come meet you and you have a coffee and a chat. (limit each meeting to a max of 30 mins) After a few days or about a week of doing this you will have a short list of girls you really like and then you can arrange to see them again but this time for a longer time, ie. go to the movies or sightseeing. The way to know if the girl is good (ie. not a bar girl) is that she will have friends or a family member with her when she meets you, they are still into the old ways or chaperones etc.

When you think you have found the one !        and I assure you…..  you will know….
you will want to spend as much time as possible with her.

However, remember there are still a lot of cons and you should never start sending money over when you return home. Also there are some dangerous games some girls play, and it is quite common to hear of a foreigner getting mugged in a taxi (cos the girl set you up etc.)

When I found my wife, I had interviewed about 12 girls and I had a really good connection with her… she was texting me everyday and we got on really well. I took her to Boracay (Best holiday Island in the Philippines) for a few weeks and we stayed together in a villa that I rented, to see how we got on etc. Then while I was there we booked her appointment at the British Embassy for her fiancee visa and she flew home with me. (I was there for 3 months in total)

See how I can help you



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