Eden Club – Bangkok

The Eden club is a unique bar in Soi 7/1 Sukhmvit road, Bangkok. From the outside it looks just the same as any other bar with girls sitting outside  and calling the farangs inside to have a drink. However, once you venture inside the German owner will ask you if you have ever been there before and if you say no, he explains how it all works.

There are about 20 girls inside the bar and there is a white line dividing the bar into two sections. The owner tells you that the  girls work in pairs and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You must pick a girl and then she either gets her friend (who she likes working with) or you can pick another. The girls standing on the left of the line do not do anal and the others all do…

The price is a set 2,250 per girl, all inclusive. Eden is unique as it has a rule of taking a minimum of two girls, this increases the price per 90 min session up to 4,500 baht. The price per girl is not that bad although a bit above average.


I have been to this bar on several occasions and unless you get their early, the best looking girls will already be taken so be warned and go to Eden club first. You will not be disappointed and the girls will do anything and everything to you, each other and play out your wildest fantasy’s.



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