Online dating scams

I was having a massage once and got chatting to the girl giving me a massage and was told that “her friend” had met a guy, of whom, fell in love with her, but could not get her a visa to take her home to France… I asked, where she was now and she said… She no work here no more, her boyfriend send her 50,000 baht per month. That’s about £1160 or US$ 1400 per month!!! Now, even in my own country that’s a lot of money and working as a massage girl (and offering extras) she would be lucky to earn even 20,000 baht a month…

Why do these guys do it ??? That’s the big question… but they must truly think that the girls love them back. Back to the girl, who has found her cash cow, I then asked “What are they going to do if they cannot get a visa?” She replied, no problem, my friend no want to go to France, she like to go internet café everyday and have other man send her money too….

So why would a girl go to work when she can have a good life with loads of money just by emailing lonely guys for an hour or so every week.

Below is a typical email from a Thai girl to her new online boyfriend

(this is how it reads and excuse the format and punctuation as that’s how they write)

Hi baby I miss mak mak when you come thai again. Me noo happy want stop work and come engand wit you darling. When you come thai again. I sad today my mama say papa have accident and in hospital. have to pay hospital 20,000 baht and I have send money mama. pease help i, papa very sick and puk love you ever ever tru. Mama say buffalo sick and have poblem with make no rice eat. You come thai soon and send money for mama. I love you and want stop work bar…

The main theme of all the emails is to make the guy feel like he is really helping the girl and her family and by sending the money, she will love him! However, when the money starts to flow, they really turn the screw and new problems materialise with every email.

The sick buffalo is a typical excuse and they can range from her or someone in the family having to go to hospital to the motorbike has been stolen or I lend my friend money and she run away, or my brother steal chicken to eat cos hungry and police put him in jail.  (That last one is from my own personal experience… so be warned) haha

A common scam now is GUYS pretending to be a stunning Thai girl. These can be Nigerian scammers or even western guys who are living in Thailand and simply trying to earn money so they can support their easy going lifestyle.

It works like this… They take some genuine photos of a stunning girl (or grab some from internet) then set up a profile on several dating websites.

Some of the Russian and Nigerian scammers use photos that are simply too good to be true” they are usually far too good quality and seem to have been taken on a photo shoot. In fact, when you see the professional posed pictures, that’s the time to start questioning the reality of the person behind it.

Once contact has been initiated with a susceptible guy, the emails start to get more loving and serious. In fact, it is quite common to receive the exact same emails from different girls because they are being copied and sent to 100’s of guys a day….

Each email will have one or more pictures and promises of loving you forever and wanting to meet you soon etc. After a few emails, they start to ask for money….. This is when the sensible guys  say NO because, once it starts, the money flow will continue  for a long long time. I had a friend that went out to meet a girl after sending many emails for months only to end up sitting in a hotel for a week before realising,  the stunner he was writing to, was either not interested in meeting him in person or it was not a girl at all but a cruel con. If you tell the girl you are coming out to meet them they can react in several ways. Most will feign excitement and some will try to put you off for as long as they can, so they can extract the most amount of cash from the guys before the game is up. They will always lead you on up to the last minute, and usually ask for more money so they can come and meet you cos they currently live up country.

However, not all the girls you see on the dating websites are out to con the guys….

Many are simply looking for someone to love them just like the guys who are on the dating sites as well. In fact, it is virtually impossible to meet the really nice Thai girls by going to Thailand on holiday because… nearly all Thai girls think western guys on holiday alone are “sex tourists” so they stay well away from them.

The genuine girls are definitely out there and by being cautious and NOT getting sucked into the hard luck stories and getting to chat to them on the telephone or better still by webcam, you can soon eliminate the scammers from the genuine girls looking for a loving partner.

A few more clues in closing this short article are, when talking to them on webcam, do they have any tattoos, or do they look like a bar girl…. The genuine girls usually have their own businesses or a good job and you can usually tell from the pictures or webcam that they are NOT from the bar scene. In fact, if the girl CANNOT speak much English, it can be a good sign as although English is taught in most Thai schools and universities, the Thai people are too shy to speak it with a foreigner so they tell you they cannot speak English.

The bar girls usually speak some or lots of broken English and many have tattoos,  however, although they can look like beautiful little Angels (most are around 5ft or under) compared to overweight and large western women of size 12-16. Be warned that the bar girls are also experts in hard luck stories and making you fall in love with them.




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