Bar, Massage, Freelance, Escorts and Beach Girls

Most guys when they first hit Thailand are exposed to the open air bars full of available bar girls but there are also many other sex workers and this post will go through them.

Bar Girls – Obviously they are working in a bar and the bar owner pays them a small commission if they can get you to buy them a drink. Then if you want to take a girl out of the bar you have to pay a bar fine (500 – 2000) depending on the type of bar. Then you pay the girl short time or long time for her services. Girls from a bar expect 1000 – 2000 baht and up buy you need to negotiate this before you take her cos it’s not funny when they start screaming and shouting at you in the room if you have not decided the price up front. Also she will expect you to pay for her taxi when she leaves.

Bar hostesses – These are the waitresses that work in the GO GO bars and are 95% of the time also available if you get to talk to them. They are basically a bit shy or new and do not want to be on stage gyrating around poles in bikinis or totally naked as in some bars. Same bar fine situation applies and again negotiate before you take her out of the bar.

GO GO bar girls – These girls are usually young and very attractive and they command a higher price. If your lucky you may get one to come with you for 1000 Baht but these days they are looking for 2000+ short time! Bar fines are also higher inside a GO GO bar.

Freelancers – These are girls that are working for themselves and you can find them everywhere. I have been picked up by these girls on busses, in Mc Donalds, outside  Robinson’s on the steps in Sukumvit road, walking down the Sukhumvit road any time of day but especially at night. The best time is around 2 am when all the bars have closed and there are hundreds of bar girls sitting at the roadside food bars and for a guy it is like walking through a gauntlet with all the girls trying to get you to take them as they may not have had a customer all night or just trying to get another one in before they go back to their room to sleep. No bar fines to pay, just pay the girls whatever you have agreed between you. Another good place is any outside beer garden and one of my favourite haunts was the German Beer Garden in Soi 7 opposite the Amari Hotel. Full of Freelance girls from young to old..  yes some guys prefer the older women because the service is far better than fucking a young girl that lays there like a dead fish and saying quickly quickly !!!  This brings back memories of the old Thermae bar run by the police in Sukhumvit where after 1 am it was packed with freelancers… unfortunately now closed.

Beach Girls – These are also freelancers but walk up and down the beaches in Phuket and Pattaya etc.

Escorts – These are the most expensive by far and they are also the most stunning – Expect to pay several thousands + taxis and agency fees.

Ladyboys /Katoys – Usually found freelancing  in groups or alone in the Sukhumvit road opposite the Landmark hotel. A few are in various go go bars and there are specific bars such as in the corner up on level 1 of the Nana Plaza. In Phuket there are lots of freelancers that congregate in the central dancing podium of Bangla road.

Gay Go Go boys – Many bars around that cater for guys or couples that want a sexy young guy to join them for the evening. Usually dancing on stage in tiny g strings, same bar fine system applies but cheaper than the go go girls.

Massage parlours – Unless the girls are all in the same uniform out side the 1000’s of massage places, they are all available for the happy ending or pay a similar bar fine to take them out for a few hours. I personally hate the happy ending as it always seems so clinical and is over so quickly and they expect a tip of 500 to 1000 baht !!! I always pass on that and prefer a freelancer than a quick jack off on a massage parlour. However, I have had a couple of interesting experiences where the girl stripped off completely and jumped on my face in the 69  position and we had full sex and another time when a massage girl turned out to be a stunning ladyboy that started playing with my cock… I will save that experience for another post…

Annies massage

Annies massage (above picture) in a side Soi on the right just off Soi 4 down the Nana road is interesting as the girl I chose asked me if I wanted a Thai stick (strong ganja joint) while in the hot tub prior to the massage and full sex that they offer. Most massage places offer standard Thai massage or Oil massage…. Oil is best for an incredible experience.


Massage warehouses – These places are huge and there can be anywhere from 10 girls to over 100 girls all sitting behind a glass wall. On my very first visit to Thailand back in the 1980’s my mate and I were taken to the Sabai massage a huge massage place on the main back road in Pattaya. Plush red carpet and 150 + girls all with little numbers pinned to them. You are told to pick a girl (or two) and then you are taken to a room with a big round bath tub and a single bed and phone by the bed. It was quite strange at first having 150 girls more or less begging for you to pick them through the glass wall as they made sexy gestures and pointing to their number. I eventually chose a stunning small bodied girl as  did my mate and off we went to the room. This massage is called the hubble bubble massage and the girl(s) get you to strip naked and jump in the tub. The girl then strips off too and gives you a good wash with soap and then showers you down. Next she grabs a blow up bed and places it on the floor, you lay on it and she comes back with a bowl of soapy water and starts to  rub it all over you. She then slides on top of you and starts massaging you with her whole body, mainly her pussy and breasts. She turns around so you are in the 69 position and as she is sliding up and down your naked body and your hands are all over her while she is doing this… she starts saying.. “you want make love to me”?

Now we were pre warned before we entered that the massage is for the house and the girl has to get you to agree to extras or she earns nothing. We were told to agree for 500 Baht but as it was my 1st experience like this in Thailand, I agreed to 1000 Baht (even though she started off wanting 2000) … that was back in 1986. As soon as you agree to her offer, she drags you back to the tub and showers all the soap suds off… amazingly I did not come while she was sliding up and down and her pussy was rubbing over my face as i was  sliding my hands over her arse cheeks and between her legs. Next she dries me off with a towel and leads me over to the bed, starts to play with my cock again to keep me hard and reaches over for a condom and put in on for me. The next thing she does is jump on top of me and slides my cock into her pussy and starts to fuck me on the bed…  I was sure we had only been in the room for about 30 mins but no sooner had we got into the serious fucking when the bloody phone next to the bed starts ringing… What the fuck, she answered it and then said quickly quickly have to come now finish finish. She grabs my balls and fingers my arse and makes me come and then we are getting dressed and I meet my mate coming out of another room opposite mine… On the way out we were feeling and thinking this is gonna be an amazing holiday and that evening we had another two girls each, so that was 3 girls on the 1st day… Not a bad start to our 2 weeks in Thailand.

If you enjoyed this brief true story.. check out more secret stories via the link on this website or here .


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