This website and Blog is about The sex industry in Thailand, Personal escorted tours for individuals or couples THIS PAGE, How to find a real and genuine Thai wife (not bar girl) and also a link to Secret stories xxx.

I have been living in Thailand for over 25 years. I am now in my 50’s and been married 4 times, so had more than enough experience of relationships in the UK and Thailand and now still married to my amazing Thai wife for the last 8 years. We currently own and run a hotel and pool resort in North East Thailand that we built a few years ago. 

Over the years, I have seen many many guys get conned out of their life savings by the ruthless Thai hookers / bar girls. 

Meeting bar girls and having amazing sexual experiences is incredibly easy but finding a really nice, honest, middle class, educated Thai girl to marry is virtually impossible if you don’t understand the system and games being played with the naive “Farangs” (Thai term for us western foreigners).


In the UK where I was born and bred, there are literally  thousands of Thai girls married to British guys. Just go to a Thai festival held at several locations around the UK to see how many are in the UK. However, in my estimation and experience, about 90% get divorced after a few years. The girls were virtually all Bar or Massage girls and all have the same stupid mentality and once the money runs out or the relationship breaks down because of their gambling, wasting money, sending (your hard earned money) back to Thailand to support a whole family that simply gives up work and relies on the free money than comes in every month.. The list goes on and on and many true reports will be posted in the BLOG section of this website.

If you come to Thailand alone or even with your friend(s) for the first time….

The deception will start as soon as you get off the plane and you get into a taxi. The Girls you meet only have one thing going on in their head…. YOU are a fresh new “Farang” to be conned and relieving you of your money will be their primary focus. You are like a Bank ATM to them… 

If you are only interested in the nightlife, bars, massage, go go and other interesting adult pleasures then bring lots of money and you can get virtually anything you want. However, be warned now, you will be paying 3 or even 5 x more for girls, be taken to the most expensive rip off massage parlours, back street bars where they charge you several thousands of Baht for one drink and claim that you watched the sexy show ! and they use very big mean looking Thai mafia guys to stop you leaving until you pay the bill. (45 Baht is approx 1 UK Pound or 35 Baht – 1 US$)


Many guys fall in love with one of the sweet looking girls (or ladyboys like the picture above) on their very first trip and start thinking of holiday visas or marriage… That is when your nightmare really begins (financially and with the Embassy of your country when trying to get your sexy new girlfriend a visa).

The main reason the really nice, honest and educated Thai girls will never be seen going out with a Foreign guy is because all their family, friends and work contacts will see them as a bar girl / hooker.Hence, they are virtually impossible to meet let alone go out on a date with. 

This is where I can offer you my personal services for either – 

  • Showing you the best places to have a good time and showing you how it all works and inevitably “save you from getting totally ripped off”.


  • Showing you how to meet the real educated marriage minded Thai girls that you could never ever meet in the main sex tourist areas of Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket.

How it works

Skype or Whats-app telephone consultation – £50 per hour

Live meet up in Bangkok (£150 per day + expenses)

(Minimum is 2 days + hotel + my internal return flight to Bangkok )

Total UK£450 or US$550

Message me what your plans are on the  Contact page