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We have all heard about how beautiful, feminine and honest and subservient Thai women are compared to women in the UK, USA and Europe. This is actually very true if you marry a real Thai girl that has never worked in a BAR or MASSAGE PARLOUR or any other job where they offer sexual services. Some smart Thai’s travel to Malaysia or Singapore and work as escorts in the Top hotels but at the end of the day they are still hookers and have the same bar girl mentality in their head.


So how do you meet a Real Thai girl? Very difficult if you don’t live or work in Thailand.

No way on earth will a respectable and educated Thai girl go out with a Farang (Foreigner) on holiday as she will “lose face” and be frowned upon by all her family and friends.

I have now been married for 8 years to a wonderful Thai woman that is so different in every way to my previous 3 marriages. She also has many well educated friends that are in very good jobs like Banking, Government, Hospitals etc. and are believe it or not, still single! She also has a friend that “charges Thai girls” about £1000 (45,000 Baht) to help them meet a Farang on the internet.  Why do the girls pay her so much to find a Farang husband? Because they cannot speak English and are are terrified of  attempting to  speak English to a stranger. She also knows how to vet the guys and tell which guys are serious and which ones are simply looking for free sex and not interested in marriage.


How can I help you find a serious, honest Thai girl or woman to become your wife?

Firstly, I have been through all the ups and downs and seen all the scams over the last 30 years of living in the UK and Thailand with my First Thai wife (7 yrs) and then my Filipino wife (5 yrs) and now the massive difference of being married to an Educated Thai woman that has a completely different circle of friends (all have University degrees) her family and extended family are either in their own businesses, top government officials, her Father was a senior policeman, several family members are head teachers.

What has amazed me is that whenever we go out with her friends… They never let me pay the bill… They all drive nice cars, have good careers and incomes and they all frown upon the bar girls and most have never even been inside a Go Go bar!


I have twice been with my wife to her University reunion event where there was a huge stage with various events taking place like real Thai dancing, people singing and I counted about 800 tables with 10 people per table (8000 people) All were either ex students or teachers. I then found out that each table costs 2500 Baht (shared between the table occupants) included was a 6 course meal coke, water, ice and whiskey. The profits from the University reunion event (about 1 million Baht) goes to help fund “the poor students” of parents that could not afford the Uni fees. Both times, I was the only Farang at the whole event and I never saw a single bar type girl anywhere near the place.

All I can say is, this is the real Thailand and culture and is totally different to the Thailand experience you get with with the Bar girls.

So, the choice is yours…. Try your luck with the poor and uneducated girls who have moved to Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya to “sell pussy” as they like to call it…


Let me help you find a real genuine Thai girl or woman to spend the rest of your life with. 

Here are a few of my own tips, just for starters…

  • Don’t go for a really young girl… Assuming you are in your 40’s 50’s or older – They are a financial nightmare and you will soon find you have nothing in common and the sex will be the only thing that will keep the relationship going for a few years…  Then she will either find a younger guy or want a divorce cos the money has run out.
  • If it is within your financial means, live in Thailand with her. In your home Country, they soon find they are just like YOU are in Thailand. Men will be after your new bride like bees round a honey pot, when they go out with their friends to a bar or casino or wherever, they just love all the attention from all the single guys. In Thailand however, they look after you very well because there are 100’s of girls that want to capture YOU… cos they see you as a meal ticket for life. It now costs a fortune to bring your new bride to the UK (other countries may not be so difficult) and once here, she will soon meet with all the other Thai’s in your area or connect with them via social media. She will change very quickly as all her new friends (mainly ex bar girls) will be advising her on how to do all manor of things. You will be dragged around her friends various houses and have to make conversation with their husbands, who again you will probably have no interest in talking to.
  • Never ever sell your house in the UK or wherever to buy or build one in Thailand because, if the marriage does not work, she will keep the house (The land has to be in her name) you will not get your money back. (The law is in favour of the Thai national not the Farang)  All you need to do (If you have a house that has a small or no mortgage) is rent out your house in the UK and live on your rental income in Thailand. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can walk away with your finances intact. 

Below are a few more interesting things you need to know.

So why is it that there are hundreds of divorces from Thai women?

 Over 100 Thai women file for divorce with foreign husbands in Khon Kaen in 3 months.
A total of 142 divorce cases were sent to the Khon Kaen Civil Court in just three months, most of them involving with Thai women seeking divorce from their western husbands, a senior judge said Saturday. Patikorn Khonpipit, chief justice of the Juvenile and Family Court in Khon Kaen, said the divorce cases reached the court during July 1 to September 30. He said most of the cases were filed by Thai women who wanted to get divorce from their foreign husbands. The judge said Khon Kaen was one of the provinces with a lot of Thai women getting married with foreigners and many of them became disillusioned later so they filed for divorce.
The Nation – National Newspaper
The answer is simple, would you marry a prostitute with virtually no education and brought up in a remote village in your home country! Of course not, but it  is so easy to fall in love with a sexy Thai girl in her teens or early twenty’s even though most guys are 30+ years older and although the sex is incredible… you will very quickly find you have NOTHING in common and your new love will soon be playing cards, gambling, going out with her Thai friends wherever you live. They don’t care what you look like… So long as you keep giving her money, buy her some gold, buy or build a house in Thailand and support her entire family you will be fine for a while…..
No money – No honey. You are a business proposition to the girl, she is not in love with you… For her, she has won the lottery and will now be schooled by all her stupid bar girl mates to milk you to death…

Korski has written a superb article called
“Men Who Fall in Love with Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick.”  Copy of the article can be found here

You must also remember the well known sayings

“Once a bar girl – always a bar girl”

“You can take a girl out of the bar But you cannot take the bar out of the girl”

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